(L-R): Larry Carlton and Manager Robert Williams

(L-R): Larry Carlton and Manager Robert Williams

With 3,000+ sessions, 100+ gold albums, 19 Grammy nominations and Four Grammy awards to his credit, Larry Carlton has his fingerprints indelibly imprinted on virtually every genre of music. 335 Records leverages Carlton’s vast experience and an innovative tool kit of new technologies and marketing systems to produce, distribute and promote music, from established and new artists, to receptive audiences the world over.

335 Records was founded by Larry Carlton and his manager Robert Williams as the result of many conversations concerning the record industry, and the operations of the established labels. Both men came to the conclusion that their vision of creating and delivering music to their fans was in fact completely different than the establishment.

The mission of 335 Records is to offer only the finest in each of the musical genres that it ventures into, to find new and exciting ways to bring music to the public, to strive everyday to create an environment where the artist will receive proper enumeration for there work, and to guarantee that consumers are getting the finest quality of product.

335 Records is an ever-evolving company that truly strives to continuously search for new and exciting ways to get the music to the public. The listener will always in the end decide what they want and do not want. Our job is to find ways to give them the opportunity to make that decision. Lately we have all heard the music business is dead.. Not true. The old model of the record label is dead, but music will now and forever live on. That is our soul mission. We hope that you enjoy exploring all the great music you will find at 335 Records and find our many web sites exciting, informative and most of all musically Satisfying.